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NYAVA provides New York Cares staff members valuable professional development opportunities and forums for sharing best practices with their peers. Our staff appreciates the opportunity to participate in NYAVA initiatives. 
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Our mission is to advance and serve the volunteer resources management profession in the New York City area.

Tip of the Month

When Volunteerism Jeopardizes Unemployment Benefits

With so many people out of work and a renewed focus on volunteerism as a way to enhance a resume and increase chances of finding new employment, some may wonder if volunteer work can jeopardize an individual's unemployment benefits. The State Department of New York has clear guidelines outlining when volunteer work may be in conflict with the colletion of benefits. Responsible Volunteer Managers should educate themselves on these guidelines.
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Featured Member

Staci-Jo Bruce

Staci-Jo Bruce

This month, NYAVA wishes to highlight Staci-Jo Bruce, a new member and the recipient of a NYAVA Scholarship to the June 2013 Points of Light conference in Washington D.C.  Staci-Jo is currently the Director of Volunteer Services at The Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York (CCANY).  She oversees the mobilization, recruitment, and maintenance of the volunteer program for Catholic Charities NY and acts as a resource for over 90 Catholic Charities agencies. asd

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Special Events
New NYAVA Workshop!
Big Time Leadership 
Presenter: Taren Sterry, Big Time Coaching
Location: 65 Broadway, 19th Floor, New York, NY 10006

What’s your Big Time? How do you see yourself as a leader, both personally and professionally? Are you viewed as a leader within your organization? This interactive workshop will help you to identify the leadership qualities necessary to create seemingly impossible results. During our group session, you will learn how to identify leadership gaps that impede performance, your personal zone of genius and how to address adversity everywhere and still stand for the greatness in your staff and the organization. 

This session will be led by Taren Sterry of Big Time Coaching. A certified coach, Taren has helped people from all walks of life become more confident communicators and successful leaders. Through her unique blend of executive coaching, presentation training, counseling, and team-building, Taren provides her clients with a transformative experience—one that helps them to discover their voice and bliss, become more effective leaders and achieve their goals.

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Olympic Volunteers Are Overworked, Underfed And Quitting
The International Olympic Committee acknowledges the games would be all but impossible were it not for the significant unpaid volunteer effort. Yet the standards for volunteerism are far from evenly applied.Huffington Post, 08/16/2016
Points of Light and The Walt Disney Company Call for Daily Point of Light Award Nominations for Families
Points of Light and The Walt Disney Company will celebrate the impact of family volunteering across the nation by honoring exemplary family volunteers with a Daily Point of Light Award.Points of Light press release, 08/11/2016
Do Volunteer Drivers Deserve Protection From Lawsuits?
Nearly 20 years ago, Congress passed a good Samaritan law to promote volunteerism by protecting people who volunteer for nonprofits from liability — and many states modeled their own good Samaritan laws on it. But the federal law doesn’t include volunteers operating a motor vehicle. Huffington Post, 08/01/2016
Summer Break: A Great Time For Young People To Discover The Joy Of ‘Giving Back’
Summer is the perfect time for kids to discover what they’re passionate about and learn they can make a difference by volunteering.Huffington Post, 07/25/2016
Program’s plea: Set aside an hour on set day next week for volunteering
The volunteer effort known as 24 Hours of Impact has been scheduled for July 22.Omaha World-Herald, 07/14/2016