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NYAVA provides New York Cares staff members valuable professional development opportunities and forums for sharing best practices with their peers. Our staff appreciates the opportunity to participate in NYAVA initiatives. 
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Our mission is to advance and serve the volunteer resources management profession in the New York City area.

Tip of the Month

When Volunteerism Jeopardizes Unemployment Benefits

With so many people out of work and a renewed focus on volunteerism as a way to enhance a resume and increase chances of finding new employment, some may wonder if volunteer work can jeopardize an individual's unemployment benefits. The State Department of New York has clear guidelines outlining when volunteer work may be in conflict with the colletion of benefits. Responsible Volunteer Managers should educate themselves on these guidelines.
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Featured Member

Staci-Jo Bruce

Staci-Jo Bruce

This month, NYAVA wishes to highlight Staci-Jo Bruce, a new member and the recipient of a NYAVA Scholarship to the June 2013 Points of Light conference in Washington D.C.  Staci-Jo is currently the Director of Volunteer Services at The Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York (CCANY).  She oversees the mobilization, recruitment, and maintenance of the volunteer program for Catholic Charities NY and acts as a resource for over 90 Catholic Charities agencies. asd

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Reactions mixed to ‘sweeping’ Pa. law on volunteers who work with children
While officials at many nonprofit organizations are worried that a law that takes effect July 1 will discourage volunteers so much that it may jeopardize continued operation, local school officials vary in their reactions to the new rules.Times Herald, 06/24/2015
Can volunteerism survive 5.4% unemployment?
As the economy improves, American’s number of charitable hours are sinking.Fortune, 06/11/2015
U.N. Report: Governments Failing to Harness Volunteer Power
While more than 1 billion people donate their time for causes worldwide, many governments are not tapping the potential of volunteers.Chronicle of Philanthropy, 06/08/2015
A History of the Volunteer
For the past half-century or more, UK governments of all political shades have sought to annexe the enormous power of volunteering for a variety of ends – not always successfully.The Guardian, 06/01/2015
Volunteers as a Key Element of Nonprofit Organizational Design
Nonprofits have an enormous capacity to function well above their budget grade with the use of volunteers, but many are so unsystematic about their recruitment and deployment that they get little of real value back.Nonprofit Quarterly, 05/18/2015